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I'm just wondering because I was told its speed was horrible. I know this is sort of an opinion question but I need help.

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I plan on trading it with the reaper cloth today becuz my friend is coming over and she's bring her 3DS. I'm going to challenge the Elite Four after, but I want six pokemon, what should I do? (This is meant for Infinity, but I'm okay if someone else answers.)

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I know that sounds harsh, but Dusknoir is kind of more built for the Meta-game than in-game. There is a lack of good Ghost types in Hoenn, but I guess you can always trade for one. If not, I think that (Mega) Bannette [**At 555 BST over Dusknoir's 525**] is a better Pokemon overall.

Also, getting Dusknoir is a kind of a difficult process (Unless you already have one, that is,), what with trading a Dusclops that's holding a Reaper Cloth (meaning you'll have to find one too).

Also, it is better to have a Dark type because you'll be at a disadvantage for two of the four elite $ matches (Dark and Ghost).

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But where do you get it in x
^ You get the Choice Scarf from the Battle Maison for 48 BP.
Exactly, end game like I said.
+Aranacana But you didn't say specifically where and how.
Oh, okay