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hey mate, I'm from Australia I want a team to prove I'm from everywhere, you see chap I want a team that no one has done before so a team that proves I'm from everywhere would be brilliant chap because its original. You see man I want Pokémon that look like there from different country's man. Wee wee you see if you couldn't tell I want Pokémon from, France, Australia, Egypt, England, Jamaica and Italy. Move sets would be helpful thanks and tell me if it has been done.

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I'll try and find some… the only one I can think of is Cofagrigus = Egypt.
We aren't here to make you a team. If you have a team that you want feedback on you can ask it on the RMT but no one is (or should) just hand you a team. Furthermore, these qualifications are far to vague to be usable. There is no database over teams so there is no way we can guarantee it being original or unique, and "national Pokemon" are purely opinion based.
I didn't say make a team, I said list pokemon that fit this theme not make a team, I just said move sets would be helpful.
Fair enough, but that was quite unclear, and the vagueness still remain. Pokemon don't have nationalities so it would still be entirely based upon opinion.
>Wee wee.... 0/10
Just let him off easy, Uncle Flafpert ;)
can we do other countries than the ones you stated to, because i have a few good ones.
im thinking France serperior from heretic, Australia khangaskhan as I thought of it a little while after the question, Egypt cofagrigus both, England vespiquen mailij, Jamaica ho-oh malij and Italy smeargle malij so thanks both of you. you both get vote ups but malij had the most so he gets BA.

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greninja and klefki are true french named, but you said looks so just ignore that...
egyptian: cofagrigus
english: vespiquen ( queen of england)

jamaican: ho-oh ( the colors of reggae man)
australia: tentacruel (irukandji jellyfish, a highly ( think the deadliest creature in the world) jelly fish found in australia)

seismitoad (didn't cane toads come from australia?)

kanghaskan ( i'm a kangarooooooooooooooooooooo!!! also a mega.)
italian: smeargle (renasaince painter)
french: also smeragle (bouree)

serperior( those eyes a head)
Please tell me if any of these can be any!

More to Come!

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thanks and I think the most likely place for a French looking pokemon would be in the x y pokedex as kalos is based of a lower part of france.
Theres the special floette with the french flag colours, but it cant be normally obtained.
A shiny floette can have red, blue and white though, along with green and yellow.
(Also in french yes is "oui" not "wee")
x and y just sound french really, don't look it. what would a french and italian pokemon look like?
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Serperior - France (Rose of Versailles everywhere)

Ariados - Australia (poisonous spiders so big they have health bars)

Cofagrigus - Egypt (duh)

England - any fairy type due to England being associated with fairies, etc.

Torkoal -Jamaica (drugs n stoners n stuff)

Italy - Kricketune (many classical composers are Italian. Also, mustaches.)

I was thinking kangeskhan for Australia and the spiders aren't big there just poisoness.
I see what you're getting at, but why ask for the country you already know? Also, maybe check your spelling a bit before you post?
England could be stoutland. Jamaica is bad, the rest I agree with.
^ Agreed.
Do you guys have any better ideas for Jamaica?
Also, wow. That's a hell of a lot of a fire weakness.
just noticed that.^