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i mean the number of legendaries, the name of each one and how to get them I already have 6 of the ones I know of.

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Most or ALL of them (Except Unova and Kalos Legends Of course! are recruitable but some have requirements
source: Serebii Page
Here are some....
enter image description here Articuno level 43- Location: Mt. Avalanche Summit: Requirement: Nintendo Wondermail Event only
enter image description here Zapdos level 29- Location: Electric Plateau 7F : Requirement: Must have Secret Slab or Enigma Part in bag
Moltres Moltres level 45- Location: Final Maze B40F
Mewtwo Mewtwo level 60 (Dark only you are playing time)
Mew Mew level 46: Location: Mysterious Jungle Interior : Requirement: Nintendo Wondermail Event Only
Raikou Raikou level 46: Hidden Ruins B20F Archipelego 25F : Requirement: Must have Secret Stoneplate or Enigma Part in bag
Entei Entei level 47 :Location: Dark Crater Deepest Part B10F :Requirement: Must have Secret Stoneplate or Enigma Part in bag
Suicune Suicune Level 45 : Location: Final Maze B29F

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thanks and oh if it helps i know i can get uxie, mesprist, azelf, manphy, cresselia, palkia, phione, dialga, and darkria (the first six i already have)
also as far as i know of spinda's cafe missions are not in explorers of time
wrong link XD http://www.serebii.net/dungeon2/legendary.shtml THIS one is the correct one
ASTRO IS A GHOST RUNN it says 'Your comment followed by Astronautical'
what is a stoneplate or emigera part anyway?