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In Rumble World, when you defeat a boss, it shrivels into a toy. I've captured one before, but I can't now! I touch it, then it turns into a coin! Can somebody help me?

What you need is for those boss Pokemon to wobble. There are various moves and a trait that cause wobbling, and there is also the Wobbly Tree that you can buy in the store that will increase the odds of wobbling and can be upgraded.  When a Pokemon starts wobbling, their chance of being caught while in that state goes to 100%, but if you fail to catch them while they are wobbling, they go back to their usual catch ratio.

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From my experience: It is actually pretty random, Just like how in Mystery Dungeon it requires luck to recruit a Legendary/Boss Pokemmon.. So it is the same in this game,
Source: I once battled a boss Pokemon I didnt get it when I came back , I captured it

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I noticed that if the boss sparkles it usually to always recruited
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