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i typed in my code and have tried a number of times and it just says "your game cannot receive this gift provided by this code" so I went to the shop and explained and they just gave me another code which still doesn't work.

Please help
It is a shiny charizard UK code

is your game UK or US what is the country set to?
My game is set to UK

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PAL Region Only Code

The code only works for PAL region Copies.
If you're not in the PAL region, eg if you're in the US or Japan the code won't work.
Or if you have a 3DS and a copy of XY/ORAS that is not from the PAL Region.

E.g A 3DS and a Copy of the Game from the American Region.

Thank you for your replies.
My 3ds is UK and so is the code. Everything is in uk so I am still confused.
Did you ever get a fix to this. I too have the code and a UK 3DS and UK Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and I get the same message.
I have never fixed this, I keep trying everyday which is what the people in GAME said, good luck with it