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I might be mistaken but I'm pretty sure that Espeon, Volcarona and Sunflora are all Sun Pokemon.
They look very different, and it wouldn't be hard to have chosendifferent species for each, so are they linked in anyway or is it just Game Freak Logic?

It's most likely Game Freak's logic of they are all relatively like the sun.

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This is how Gamefreak made the Pokemon. Espeon, Sunflora, and Volcarona all have a big connection to the sun. Espeon has to level up during the day to evolve. Volcarona is said to be born from the sun. Sunflora is a sunflower. There are other Pokemon like this too.
They are not linked in any way at all excluding the fact they all have a connection to the sun.
Not exactly Gamefreak logic, but rather how they made the Pokemon.

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