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My flygon has a life orb 252 attack and speed with 4 special attack.
The moves are Dragon claw, earthquake, Fire blast, and stone edge.

Great for ingame. not so much for the wifi battles, as it tends to get out sped. So have another Pokemon, or give it a choice Scarf.
Also consider U-turn, and you'll have a more "standard" set.

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Yes indeed it would

Life Orb gives it a great boost allowing it to secure KOs it couldn't before. Sure not many, but it also has more power which is something no one can turn down! Also, give it a Naive Nature.
In a nutshell: LO Flygon is great, use it
Hope this helps!

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well the life orb adds 1.3x or 30% more dmg, your moves covers everything and flygons attack is 80 which is pretty good.
also his speed stat is a good 100 according to my reasearch which is good for the sweeper you are trying to make here.
lets calculate here,
so lets say your flygon has an attack adding nature, that with its max evs gives it an attack stat of 328, + 30% or 1.3x = 426.4 or a base dmg of 426 rounding. plus 50% stab for drgon claw and earthquake makes flygon able to one-shot almost any Pokemon in the game.
in conclusion I think that Flygon is a good Pokemon with the life orb, althogh due to its even numbered health it would last only ten turns if it always hits, but hey thats more than enough for it to destroy a whole party of Pokemon.
source: 5min of reasearch
yours truly, loomhigh123555

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