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I'm going to be hatching an Anorith and I don't know what to do.

Ability- Battle Armor
Moves- X-Scissor, Stone Edge, Earthquake

I need a nickname and a 4th move. Can someone please help me out? Your help is greatly appreciated

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You seem to be going for a bulky Physical Attacker, so you should probably just slap on another offensive move in the last slot too. Knock Off is probably your best bet here. It provides coverage against pesky levitating Ghosts, among others, and is a useful move in general. It is an Egg Move though, so if you want this move you will have to do some more breeding.
You could also go for Stealth Rock or Rapid Spin for utility. Stealth Rock is always useful, and so is Rapid Spin. If you plan on equipping a move restricting item such as Choice Items and Assault Vest though, then obviously you should go for an Attacking move.
There are two viable setup moves, Swords Dance and Hone Claws. Swords Dance is the superior option here, Hone Claw's Accuracy boost may seem nice to compliment Stone Edge, but although Armaldo has decent bulk, its nothing amazing, and so you want to setup as fast as you can and start attempting to tear through the team with enough HP to take hits. I still reccomend Knock Off, though.
I can't really help you with a nickname, you'll have to think of that for yourself, sorry.

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How about PanzerShrimp? Too long probably. Panzerclaw? I don't know. I'm not that original, my nicknames always start with HMS. LMAO