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I've got this so far:
Crobat @ King's Rock
Trait: Inner Focus
EVs: 252 Attack / 252 Speed / 4 HP
Adamant nature (+Attack, -Sp. Attack)
-Brave Bird
-Steel Wing

What should move number 4 be? This is in HeartGold.

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Even though these suggestions are good, there are some better choices. Like Roost so you can heal your BB damage, X-Scissor to cover your Psychic weakness, Confuse Ray for Confusion Hax, Zen Heatbutt for regular coverage, and so many more choices! I know you have U-Turn for Psychics but that's okay, as it is mostly used for scouting. But since you can use X-Scissor without scouting, that is a good choice. The move I recommend most is Roost, since you don't have lefties to heal your BB damage. But if you decide to put lefties on Crobat instead of the Kings Rock, then use Confuse Ray to confuse your opponents then use U-Turn to escape. The choice is yours, I just made recommendations :P. Hopefully this answers your question.

Hope I helped!(ish)

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Defog, Super Fang, Taunt and Toxic are also potentially good moves for Crobat (not in the same moveset of course).
But it's better for eviolite golbat and replace taunt with roost
No, you meant in the same moveset.
e_o TT I said the moves above "are also potentially good moves Crobat (not in the same moveset of course)."
What I meant by that is these moves are also good individual moves for Crobat, in addition to the moves you mentioned above, but all four shouldn't be used in the same moveset.
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Cross poison

Which gets STAB,it has a chance of poisoning the foe and has high chance of critical hit.

Edit: If you are all about coverage,go for bite.

Bite covers phychic type plus chance of flinching.

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But then I could rather go for zen headbutt, because zen headbutt doesnt only have chance of flinching but covers poison too.
but zen headbutt does not cover  its weekness
Yeah, but bite is outclassed by u-turn.
But if people give crobat cross poison because its a ''strong stab'', then why dont people give excadrill, for example, iron head? There has to be some logic behind that, right?
Excadrill always uses Iron Head xP
I don't understand why you want a all out attacking Crobat when that sucks when lacking a Choice Band. Roost would be the superior option over any move.
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I would choose cross poison for poison STAB and poisoning chance.

But it doesnt cover any types...
I think the moveset already has enough coverage.