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Crobat can learn Thief, Acrobatics, (power doubled if it's not holding an item) and Natural Gift.

Crobat holding a Flying Gem would significantly increase the power of Acrobatics, the first time it's used. Thief could get it Leftovers, or a berry for Natural Gift. I've used Thief to defeat some walls by stealing their Leftovers, also.

So, my question is: Is this a good idea? Are other Pokemon better at this? If so, can you give me a moveset?

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Not enough pokemon use berries to make natural gift worth it, and if it gets an item from thief then acro gets weaker.

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Flying gems are completely unobtainable in the newer games, so this moveset would be impossible. Even if you were playing a Generation 5 game with a flying gem, having both thief, acrobatics, and natural gift would be pointless because you might steal a leftovers that weakens acrobatics, prevents natural gift, and you can't get rid of. If you want to remove opponents' items in Generation 5 single battles, then use this set.

Gengar @ choice scarf
Ability: levitate
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid nature
- shadow ball
- focus blast
- will-o-wisp
- trick

This is better than Crobat because it can be a good revenge killer as well as cripple item-reliant Pokemon, while Crobat can only do one of those. Crobat also relies on thief, which is worse than trick because it can usually only be used once and can't force opponents to hold choice scarves.

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Sorry, should have said before. Using this on Showdown. The moveset is possible, but thanks for the suggestion.
I will try it out.
Showdown! is an accurate simulator and won't allow the flying gem, either.
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Yes, the flying gem is consumed before you attack, so it still gets the no item boost, for a total base power of 165. This is joined with the fact that you are fast and can steal items from Pokemon that need the item's edge. It is unexpected and can be very effective in a team.