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Exploud can learn lots of great moves. Ive planned to give him:

Boomburst(Amazing move!)
Shadow Ball(Hit those ghosts)
Flamethrower(Good coverage)

What 4th move? This will be my team:

-Flare Blitz
-High Jump Kick
-Sword Dance


-Signal Beam
-Volt Switch

-Sucker Punch/dark Pulse
-Seed Bomb/Giga Drain
-Drain Punch/Extrasensory
-Swords Dance/Nasty Plot

-Ice Beam/Ice Fang
-Light Screen/Earthquake
-Toxic or dragon Pulse/Curse

If Exploud got Scrappy, ditch Shadow Ball and teach him Ice Beam and Thunderbolt for last slot.
If not, then teach Exploud Ice Beam or Thunderbolt as last move, both are great and go very well together.

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Exploud should have Scrappy, so imo Shadow Ball could be replaced with something that provides wider coverage. It should be running specs, and nothing is going to want to take a STAB spec Boomburst to the face short of Aggron.

I would suggest Boomburst, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam and Flamethrower for widest coverage. If you want to keep Shadow Ball, replace T-bolt for it.

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Mine knows
Ice Beam:To deal with Grass,Dragon,Flying,Ground types
Flamethrower:For Bug,Grass,Steel,Bug
Shadow Ball:Ghost and Psychic coverage
Extrasensory:Fighting weakness cover

Make it hold an Expert Belt and it will be fine.
You can change Shadow Ball with Boomburst if it has Scrappy.