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I am building my team for Omega Ruby and I would like a fire type to use. My team so far is:

Thanks in advance!

groudon or camerupt can be good
groudon isn't fire type
Primal Groudon is.
Yeah, I was gonna use Camerupt, but I want to see what more seasoned players have to say rather than me just assuming he's worth it. But thanks for your advice anyway, I hope this didn't sound rude =)

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Without trading

Camerupt hands down. Easily obtainable, great offensive stats when Mega Evolved and decent defense. Also access to Will-O-Wisp makes up for defense by a great bit. Obtainable before the 4th gym is great! Also that added ground type, it really is a beast with Earth Power/Earthquake. But if you are willing to wait or replace, Primal Groudon and if no legends use Ninetails. Ninetails is fairly late-game being at Mt.Pyre, but it is worth it with Nasty Plot and pretty decent base sp.atk!

Hope this helps!

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Torchic is good too as u get blaziken