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I am underleveled with 5 ultra balls in the distortion world and I accidently saved. Can I get out?


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Yes, you can get out, but you'll need to backtrack to the first entrance, which can be tricky if you're a fair way through the puzzle. It's either that or you go to the end of it and face Cyrus and Giratina.

If it helps at all, you can find maps of each area of the Distortion World here.

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Note that after you jump down the ledge there's no getting out until Cyrus is defeated and Giratina is either defeated or caught.
Old, but for future visitors, you CAN get back after jumping down the ledge. Via an alternate path while on your way towards Azelf.
What future versions? The distortion world only appeared in one version. Also, you can get out by losing to Cyrus or Giratina.
**Future Visitors Not Versions. Yes you can also lose to Cyrus/Giratina to leave.