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Using items and other stuff!


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  • Relaxed Nature (or any Speed hindering nature, for that matter).
  • Holding an Iron Ball
  • With 0 IVs in Speed
  • and 0 EVs investe towards speed

Will bring the total speed to 2 at level 1, and 8 at level 100

enter image description here

At level 100. Note that Iron ball cuts the speed by half.

enter image description here

Again, at level 1, and speed is cut by half by the Iron Ball

Forgot to add this like a fool: A -6 stage for Speed

More stuff:

  • Ability Slow Start role played or something, (not easy, ad I think it's impossible)
  • Paralyz status
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Soooo slow
What about a slow start Shuckle holding an Iron Ball at -6 while paralyzed with no investment or IVs and a hindering nature?
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A Munchlax/Shuckle at level 1 holding an Iron Ball at -6 stages of speed with a speed hindering nature, 0 speed EVs and IVs. That would be Brave, Relaxed, Quiet, and/or Sassy.

Hope this helps!