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I want to simply counter opponents, and maybe my Pokémon are faster than the opponent’s, then it would fail since it doesn’t have a decreased priority, that’s why I’m asking.

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what generation?
Generation 8

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If your Metal Burst user holds Lagging Tail, you don't have to worry about speed, as the opponent will always go first unless they're using a similar item or under-prioritizing you by attacking with a move like Vital Throw.

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This is also possible by using Sableye with the ability Stall, since it can learn Metal Burst. :P
Wow your suggestions are great! Thank you!
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It is Escavalier with a base 20 speed. It learns Metal Burst by level up at level 52. That is for all generations. Outside of Sword and Shield, there is Wormadam Trash Cloak with 36 speed and Bastiodon with 30 speed. However, Escavalier is now tied with Mega Sableye at 20 speed. For not fully evolved Pokémon, there is Shieldon with 30 speed and Rhyhorn with 25 speed (Rhyhorn learns via breeding). All the other Pokémon learn by level up.

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In Gen 7, it's a tie between mega Sableye and Escavalier. Both can learn metal burst and have 20 base speed.
source: entering "/ds7 metal burst,spe<21" in a chat room