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I Really Need Sticky Web Support On My Team. Please Help Me!

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Thanks For The Help Guys! I Went With Shuckle. Its A Pretty Good Counter And Mine Does Alot Of Speed And HP Too Thanks Guys!

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All Sticky Web users

First look at them all:
Now take only the good ones into account. That would be Galvantula and Shuckle. Compare them. Now, Shuckle may have bulk but speed is really not to count on. Galvantula on the other hand, is way faster allowing him to set up before some Pokemon.

Defenses are sky high
Contrary + Shell Smash is also an option
Also access top Stealth Rock makes for an OK hazard setter
5 speed makes Gyro Ball practically ineffective against it
Long lasting if used right
Great combo with Toxic + Infestation
Sturdy means it ca hold an item

HP really is a let down with this thing
The low speed can also be a problem
Absolutely no offenses
Susceptible to Taunt
Absolutely useless against steel types

Good base speed at 108
OK offenses
Can be used as offense once Sticky Web is up
Good against Flying-types
Compound Eyes and Thunder is just great boosting Thunder to a nice 91% accuracy

OK offenses means can't do much to defensive Pokemon at all
108 USED to be fast. Not anymore with all these new Pokemon at 110 and above
Defenses are just crap
Focus Sash takes up the item slot
It dies fast so can't set up again once Sticky Web is gone

Overall, I would choose Shuckle but the choice is yours! Bran flakes rocks!

Hope this helps!

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Ok then. Lets look at the sticky web users! (batman transition)
You have leavanny, ariados, galvantula, shuckle, masquerain and kricketune. Oh and smeargle. Now we have to figure out what you want:
Okay folks we have a good boxing match set up right here
totally agree Bob!
In the offensive corner we have galvantula!
Galvantula is easily the best offensive sticky web setter, just give it max speed max special attack and 4 hp and you have a sashed force to be reckoned with, with its compound eyes thunder, plus bug buzz and energy ball.
and in the defensive corner!
shuckle is a pain to deal with. You have many options, contrary shell smash and toxic infestation. But mainly you need rest. So put sticky web infestation rest and toxic/shell smash is your best bet.
In the end it all depends on whether you need a defensive or offensive SW setter.
Hope I helped!

*places all my money on shuckle's victory* (•0•)/ Sock that spider a new one! You dah' better bug! *Cheers more*
Wow this got a lot of upvotes
I'd bet my last dollar on Galvantula. Plunge your mandibles right through that turtle-bug's shell and suck out his juicy insides! Asta la vista, Shuckle!
Shuckle wins!
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These Pokemon (including the evolution line) can learn "Sticky Web"
Ariados, Shuckle, Surskit, Kricketune, Sewaddle, and Galvantula

Sticky Web is one of those strategic-use moves that you would want to go first ; such as Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes, etc.. So, you want a Pokemon with incredible speed.

Right off the bat, it's Galvantula. Galvantula has the second highest base stat total based on these. Not, only will he provide this move fast, you can support him with some STAB - special attack moves too. Honestly, I think he'll be a great Pokemon for you. Also, even though he has low defenses, he has minimal weakness too - fire and rock ; 2/18. This will definitely be helpful.

Your next option is shuckle. Now, you're probably thinking, why should a have a slow Pokemon like him. Well, there are two reasons:
1) His defense. The chances of knocking out shuckle in one shot is pretty low. You would have a good chance to use this move.
2) In double/triple battles, you can have a support Pokemon who knows "Trick Room". Therefore, your shuckle would be the fastest for 5 turns, and you can use any move you want. Some fast Pokemon that can learn this are mismagius, espeon, etc.. Or, you can have a Pokemon like Dusknoir who's slow - but using trick room would make both Pokemon great sweepers and a great team.

Both are great choices for you! ; Then again it is up to you! Hope I helped! :)

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Galvantula is very good at setting Sticky Web, as afterwards he can deal enough damage to opposing Pokés that they can be late-game cleaned/revenge killed later. Shuckle is a defensive beast what with his ridiculous ability to take hits and can set spikes, toxic stall, and knock off the opponent's item, which can completely shut down some choice and sash users. Finally, Smeargle (How could you forget the artistic cow-dog?!) has incredible utility in his literally endless movepool, and can spore/dark void opponent's to inaction, set any entry hazard, baton pass stat changes, and generally boss with moves like Spiky and King's Shield. Which you use is mostly up to personal preference, as well as if your team needs stat boosts to sweep, weakened opponents to start with (such as Moxie Honchkrow) or a wall to provide an easy switch.

The last Poké I could really think of being good at setting Sticky Web is Beedrill, and only because everyone would expect a mega. First turn they would try to Swords Dance or Stealth Rock or whatever, expecting protect, and then you'd probably get killed. So definitely not the best choice, but you could work it in if you wanted to.