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The clock at my house in Littleroot town appears to be stuck at 10:31 pm. Can I fix this?

it seems you have the berry glitch. however, the berry glitch is only known to be in ruby and sapphire, so this must be a different glitch

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Question: After you start up the game, does it tell you that the battery has run dry? That timed events won't occur anymore? Then the only thing that you can do is fix the battery by replacing it. I'm not 100% sure what it does to your save file, though. If it doesn't say that and your time is still,then it could mean the same thing.

Here's a tutorial that I used to fix my own Emerald Version: http://m.imgur.com/a/pSq8B

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where and when does it display the message that the internal battery ran dry?
After you push A/Start on the title screen, a blue screen would pop up and tell you your battery is dry.
Does it display only once? I got this game second-hand on ebay; it's likely that the previous owner first had this problem.