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I'm trying to raise my Pawniard up but it keeps getting knocked out. Is there any way to train him up high besides using an exp share or the daycare?

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Audino s would work very well. they only use normal type moves in the wild, ( which aren't very affective agaisn't steel ) so that is my best recomendation, and making him hold a lucky egg might speed up the process.

Is there any way to increase the chances of shaking grass?  I've only found one shaking grass and I've almost beat the game.
Run back and forth outside of the grass
If you run back and forth in front of a place that the grass will start shaking and you wait a while you can find shaking grass
Why did, you ask another question in your question and put it as best answer??
If you want to get to dusty or bubbling spots, you should have repels on hand always.  If it is a pokemon, in most cases its rare and you wont find very many (or you can use them for training).  This is the only thing that I really use repels for in the whole game.
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