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How would I breed a level 1 Magnemite with:

also, an Aron with:
Aerial Ace

If you can, plz say how to also breed:
FEAR Ratatta
FEAR Tailow (Plz Scrappy)
FEAR Smeargle
FEAR Nosepass

You should give Magnemite Magic Coat. It's worth it!

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Sturdy is a base abilityn so it shouldnt be hard to get. Ariel Ace is a TM. Endeavor is an egg move. Breed a Female Aron with a Male Cubone, Marowak, Mudkip, Marshtomp, Swampert, or Rampardos with Endeavor to get it.
Again Sturdy is a base ability. Toxic and Protect are Tms. Recycle can be taught for 8BP at the Battle resort.
Rattata is easy. Give it a Focus Sash from the Battle Maision(48BP) . Quick Attack is learned at Lvl 4 and Endeavor at 34.
Give it a Focus sash. Sketch Endeavor. Sketch any priority move.(Feint works best)
Find a Scrappy Tailow in a horde and breed until your evs and ivs are the way you like. Give it a Focus Sash. Teach it Quick attack(Lvl9) and Endeavor(lvl37)
Sturdy is its normal ability so should be easy to get. Magic Coat and Pain Split can bo tutored onto it at the Battle Resort.

Hope I Helped.

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lol I was about to answer this
Some things:

1. All these need to be breeded level 1.
2.Feint only hits if the target used Protect or Detect in the same turn. Pasta Source - http://pokemondb.net/move/feint
3. Nosepass Sturdy Pain Split Magic Coat.
4.Reason to always use Bullet Punch: Quick Attack and Extreme Speed runs through Ghost. Aqua Jet soaks up Water absorb and soothes the Dry Skin. Feint^. Sucker Punch says you're a sucker if they for some reason go for status. I would like Bullet Punch Smeargle.
if you want but Espeed and Feint have higher priority. also from gen V onward Feint hits regardless of move used
I still wanna breed leveel 1
Ratatta and Tailow can get Endeavor from Move Tutor but only way they can  get quick attack is lvl 4 and 9. Smeargle can sketch Endeavor then take it to move relearner to remember Sketch, then Sketch Bullet Punch.
How do online people do it at level 1 then?
if both parents know a move that the child can learn by level up, the child will hatch knowing that move.
I know that, just tell me the parents cos mostly, it is chain breeding
PLZ tell me the chain breeding for Tailow.
Why would eve and Ivs matter on the tailow?