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Everyone loves Rayquaza. Whether its because of his badass looks or amazing reputation, people love him. I particularly love him coz hes the legend of the region I adore, Hoenn.
But I can't help but notice that his allocation of stats are a little wierd.
He has brilliant attack but low speed and to make things worse, low defenses.
So is really the legend we think him to be or is he(God forbid) just a bigshow and incompetent versus other legendaries?
I would love some detailed opinions.

M-Ray is banned in Uber and has a tier just for him, pretty much.
But seeing as this is Emerald its a bit difference.
Personally out out of the other Emerald Legends I'd say Ray has the upperhand just because it has a wide variety moves for coverage and its speed isn't all that awful
Kyogre dominates the other Hoenn Legends with Water Spout + Ice Beam.

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This is a Smogon competitive only opinion.

Rayquaza is basically overpowered now that it has a Mega. Rayquaza has an amazing plethora of moves. Thunder, Fire Blast, Dragon Claw, Outrage and Earthquake among other moves are all at your disposal, along with boosting moves such as Dragon Dance. All this, coupled with AMAZING Attack stats and a decent Speed stat make Rayquaza the best killing machine out there.

But it doesn't end there. Rayquaza mega evolves using a move, namely Dragon Ascent. This allows it to hold an Item such as a Life Orb to boost the power of its moves.

Simply speaking, Rayquaza's new Mega evolution has increased its popularity amongst competitive battlers

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well, rayquaza is to be honest a god teir Pokemon. it has the highest stats in the game equal to M-mewtwo in both forms and mewtwo is loved by gamefreak. have you seen how many movies have him in it? Plus Rayquaza is a big story element in Oras especially the thing about him not needing a mega stone. if he wasnt worth anything, then Gamefreak wouldnt buff him. he is litterely in the Anything goes tier only.
Hope I answered youre question!!

I see. But I realized Rayquaza's real worth in battle for a different reason.
It is because since he has a huge atk and spcl atk stat, only pokemon with high def. and spcl. def are safe from him.
In other words, he can attack from all sides.
Well, I managed to answer my own question lol.