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Here are my two setups at the moment, I was just wondering which is better.

Name: Goodra
Ability: Sap Sipper
Item: Assault Vest (+Sp. Defense, can’t use status moves)
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Sp. Attack, 4 Speed
Nature: Modest (+Sp. Attack -Attack)

1) Dragon Pulse
2) Flamethrower
3) Sludge Wave
4) Thunderbolt

Name: Altaria
Ability: Natural Cure
Item: Leftovers
EVs: 252 Sp. Attack, 128 Sp. Defense, 128 HP
Nature: Modest (+Sp. Attack -Attack)
1) Dragon Pulse
2) (idk what to put here, suggest please?)
3) Cotton Guard
4) Roost

Maybe you can also suggest ways I can improve these movesets? Thanks!

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If you have the Altarinite, then there really isn't any doubt. Provided, of course, that you don't have another Mega on your team.
Tbh having multiple Megas on a team in-game doesn't make that much of a difference. I completed ORAS with three Mega Pokémon, and XY with four.

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I vote Goodra. I love the variety of moves and it's a little more original as so many people are using Altaria.

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I would say Altaria. If you get the Mega Stone for it, Mega Evolving it will turn it into a fairy type, making it immune to dragon-type moves, which is really helpful. And for Altaria's final move, I suggest using TM 35, Flamethrower, to give it coverage against steel types in its Mega Evolved form, and ice types in both its Mega Evolved form and regular form.

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Goodra has all base stats more than Altaria leaving Defense.
Both are normally Special tanks.
Goodra doesn't have a source of recovery but can still hit hard.

But this is only against Special Pokes.
Any faster Physical attacker or a physical goodra(rare) can beat you.

So for a wall Altaria maybe better as it has recovery through roost and leftovers and can raise its Defense through Cotton guard. Altaria can cotton guard on first turn and stall easily.
For altaria's second move use toxic for stalling or flamethrower to avoid any fairy type with Taunt

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