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On Pokemon-gl.com it says that the registration for the pikachu has begun, but whenever I go on the online competition via battle spot, It says there are no competitions avaliable. Does It have something to do with my location (I live in china), or am I doing something wrong?

edit : I've tried it from the starting screen, but now it's been trying to recieve my digital player ID for more than 10 minutes now. Is that normal, or am I also doing something wrong?

edit 2: been waiting for 45 minutes now, and its is still on the screen. This can't be normal, right?

FINAL EDIT: nevermind, I found out via youtube that you have to register on the global link first, which I just did, so It works now.

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Registration doesn't start until the 13th of August. If it's not the 13th for you, then you won't be able to enter yet. PGL is probably posting from Japan's time zone, hence why it says that registration is open. How do I know this? It's the 12th for me.

I live in china, which has the same time zone as japan. and yes, it is the 13th for me
Then I would suspect it's either a glitch with your game or with PGL. Just try the good ol' power-off-power-on strategy ;)