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Recently, my brother got a powersave for his AS game. he used it alot. then I wanted to try it out once. I never thought once would become 15+ times. The following bullets are what I did with the powersave:

  • Changed bad Natures
  • 999 rare candies and masterballs
  • Egg hack (got last couple of Pokemon in the johto dex with their hidden abilities)
  • 9999 battle points

If I breed the changed nature ones will the offspring be good to use? Will the game find out I was using cheat codes? What if I use the offspring for World's next year? Would it be smart for me to do that, or should I start over just because I got the powersaves? As long as I can use the offspring AND that dosen't count as hacking, please let me know what's bad and what's good.

Thanks in advance, Sandstorm57102

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K, let's go through all your questions one at a time.

>If I breed the changed nature ones will the offspring be good to use?

As good to use as it's parents. It's possible to breed two illegally obtained Pokemon to get a legit Pokemon, as long as it still has a legal moveset and ability. If not then this Pokemon is also considered illegal, although the game itself can't do much about it.

>Will the game find out I was using cheat codes?

The game itself won't really find out; even if it does the game doesn't really do much about it.

>What if I use the offspring for world's next year? Would it be smart for me to do that?

That isn't possible. When you enter a Pokemon to any competition, your Pokemon are thoroughly inspected. If you are caught using illegal Pokemon you are straight up disqualified. However, if this bred Pokemon has a legal moveset and ability, it won't be considered hacked and will be allowed.
As for whether it's smart or not, many people actually do hack in their Pokemon. Although most are legendary Pokemon. When they do so, they make sure it looks completely legal.

NOTE: Just a general doubt I wanted to clear. When you hack in a Pokemon or moves / abilities / IVs / EVs etc onto a Pokemon, it is considered hacked. However, when you breed this Pokemon and get a legal-looking offspring, it is considered by the game, not hacked. I don't really encourage this, but it's a common practice among competitive players to hack their Pokemon and then use them.

Hope I helped!

Why? What happened?
Because lvl 50 Volcarona is not even possible, it evolves at lvl 59 e.e
Same goes for lvl 50 Bisharps, Braviarys, many dragons.
But then how are they used in all set to LV. 50 battles (aka Wifi battles, competitions. etc.)
In Team Preview it shows the Pokémon's actual level, and for the battle they're auto-reset to Lv. 50. Someone was kicked out of another tournament for having a Lv. 50 Hydreigon.
Oh ok.