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I really want to start over in Pokemon platinum, but then I dont. I have all 3 starters & a balanced team, but t tried to raise too many at once, and my team got unbalanced real quick. then again I probably shouldn't because I could always train up the Pokemon I didnt use.

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Should: Relive the experience and do things you haven't done

shouldn't: you lose all current progress

I don't own platinum so I don't know what exactly my answer should consist of :P
Literally the only reason to restart your game is if you want to experience the story again. To be honest, it's your choice entirely.
i might suggest that you restart the game, but; don't delete the game save data this way you can relive the experience whilst sustaining the team you have, of course if you do want to restart you can simply trade over the pokemon you want to keep onto another gen 4 game if you have one and restart, otherwise do not delete your data, its unnecessary.
as for an unbalanced team, id think that you might not have ev trained your pokemon meaning your most probably better off starting over, or if you want to keep the team member as a team member with evs included you can spend several months growing these berries below.
 #21 Pomeg Berry (HP)
 #22 Kelpsy Berry (Attack)
 #23 Qualot Berry (Defense)
 #24 Hondew Berry (Sp. Attack)
 #25 Grepa Berry (Sp. Defense)
 #26 Tamato Berry (Speed)
if you don't have them then go to the berry master to the leftmost rout of hearthome city, he may give you one if your lucky and the woman with him can sell mulch which can help your farming venture.
easy as answer.

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No. I highly recommend that you don't restart. Having all three starters is a luxury that not everybody can afford. It only takes a little time to re-balance your team. If you really want to restart your game, trade or transfer all of your good Pokemon to another game, so you won't lose very much when you restart your game.

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Why you shouldn't restart,

  • Legendaries and Exclusive Pokemon you probably want to get and keep for whatever reason
  • Do you really want to go through the whole story again? Just because you've screwed up just a little bit by having unbalanced levels? Its fixable, some situations more easily than others

Why you should restart,

  • Well this is when you really want to this but, why not transfer the Pokemon you wanna keep into your newer games, and just keep restarting and playing the game like you have nothing to lose?
  • You're satisfied with what you've achieved, you possibly do the above and move on