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Hey guys. Yeah another noob question aha. See, I want to get my perfect ninetales so I currently breeding vulpix. I want to know if I'm right by thinking it would be
Edit: timid or modest
12 hp
5 atk
6 def
6 sp atk
6 sp def
6 spd
And I'm unsure about my moveset yet I wanted a strong attacker since thats my dream ninetales :3
Is will o wisp, confuse ray, flamethrower and dark pulse okay? I really want her to have dark pulse because I'm hoping for a shiny and I'm basing her off my idea.
But I am really open to any suggestions. If it helps ill be using my very first dream team: gengar, dragonair, lapras, raichu and venasaur/alakazam. As for I'm doing teams in regions based then mixing.
Thankies :3 araikai

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Ninetales should always have Timid / Modest for an offensive set, or Bold / Calm for bulky support. Naive in inferior to Jolly and Hasty is not good at all.
Ahh. I didnt think them natures were right in my notepad. Ive been doing loads and i thought they didnt benefit well. Think ill go timid. Thank you for correcting me! :)
No problem :)
Well if you have one status move then you might as well have Hex instead of either Will o Wisp, Confuse Ray or Dark Pulse. It's your choice really.
Ahhh hex. I was contemplating that but i was gonna use hex for my misdreavus. And hopefully be in a set team with ninetales and a few others. Is dark pulse good because i really love the move and if i should have another Move to make a good match then ill do it. :)

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This is what I suggest:
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EVs: 252 Sp. A / 252 Spd / 4 Sp. D
Nature: Timid
Ability: Flash Fire
-Calm Mind
-Will o Wisp
-Dark Pulse/Energy Ball

Flamethrower is for STAB. Calm Mind is to tank out a few hits while using Will o Wisp and Misdreavus to deal solid damage, while Dark Pulse/Energy Ball is for coverage.

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Oooo im starting to get it!:o Do nasty polt and calm mind do the same type of thing?  :3
Nasty Plot raises your Sp. A by two while Calm Mind raises your Sp. A and Sp. D by 1 each.