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So I'm wondertrading a lot and I got a japanese gible. Im unsure on its worthiness so I need some opinions. Be truthful and since I want my own gible I might even trade it away
rough skin
Level one and moves are
Sand tomb
Metal claw
Iron head

Shoot away :3 araikai


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Its most likely a breed reject. I'd suggest checking it Ivs but you could rebreed it. Rough Skin allows you to make Rocky Helmet Physical wall Chomp. Jolly with Iron Head and Outrage make it also suitable to breed a Choice Scarf or Mega Chomp.

If you want your own Gible rebreeding this one would supply a great Offspring. If not it is a nice gift you could rewonder trade back.

Hope I helped.

Do i check the ivs with the battle resort guy? Im a little clueless about them see aha. I just hear best nature for a tough garchomp? Aha.
Yes. If he says any of them "Cant be Beat" that stat is perfect. For Garchomp You usually Want Attack and Speed Max or HP and Defense if want the bulkier set.
Oh thank you so much for saying attack and speed! I didnt know which exactly are best but i Want a rough tough attacker ehe. Oh thank you so much! Youre helping me so much! Now im flying off to battle resort!