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I'm running a mono fire type team all have perfect iv and max ev and is wondering what is good for my rapid spinner Torkoal

Torkoal @ Leftovers
Ability: Whitesmoke
Evs: 248 Hp/ 232 Def/ 28 SpD
Lava Plume
Stealth Rocks
Rapid Spin
Protect or Toxic?

btw this is a good Torkoal for mono fire

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Having a spinner on mono fire is expected. It's obvious that Torkoal will be played defensively, which gives the opponent an opportunity to set up. Protect won't do much good except scouting, and even then you might allow a setup. Only way I can see Protect being better is if you're not playing singles, in which case you'd have some offense that can prevent setups and use EQ.

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Since Torkoal is such a slow Pokemon. I would go with protect to keep it longer from it's lack of speed.And I would rather use a charizard. Hope I helped

Not sure what speed has to do with it.  Charizard isn't a spinner too.