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What's the point in scald if the foe is already poisoned? Scald doesn't even have more PP.


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In all honesty, I think people who run Scald with a toxic stall set are trying to avoid poison/steel types from walling them whilst also stalling them via the burn damage that's given off by Scald if you're lucky. Plus if you're running it on something like Vaporeon it's STAB (Same type Attack Bonus) meaning it hits for quite a bit and also has that chance to burn. In conclusion it's more the burn chance over the power standpoint it helps to stall as well.

Regards Kaname~

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I dont think even with stalling Pokemon its easy to get a well stacked wall defensive Pokemon, consider this Pokemon for example:-

Empoleon @ Mystic Water (boosts water Pokemon moves by 1.2)
Ability: Defiant
EVs: 172 HP / 112 Def / 112 SpA / 112 SpD
Calm Nature
- Toxic 90% acc, pp16, badly dmg opp and worsens every turn.
- Scald (like surf it's a sp.atk move) and both have pp24 this burns pkm with 30%
- Rain Dance (boosts water Pokemon moves)
- Surf (like scald it's a sp.atk move) and both have pp24, hits adjusting pkm, doubles on dive<<<

personaly I would say scald and surf with rain dance but use this pkm as a double battle or toxic with surf... never scald and surf in a single OU battle or whatever..

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MY old pokemon showdown battle that goes to show after 37 turns i still prevailed vs 5 dragons +_+.. no toxic used what so ever or scald..

I don't understand how this answers my question...
i dont know why i bothered going through such a lengthy time explaining it.. ppl use scald and surf because if i face a water/steel then surf wont be much help but toxic would. however if i faced with toxic moves and surf against a rock pokemon then surf would be useful and toxic wouldn't the person was clearly lazy and seems like they couldnt be bothered changing its used up 4x moves to something more precise than quite vague..
No, I was asking why people use scald and NOT surf.