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What pokeball is Glacia holding?

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If you look at her sprite, you can see that she is not holding a regular pokeball. It sort of looks like that the GS Ball, but then again, it doesn't

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The Level Ball is an Apricorn Ball obtainable in GSC and HGSS. Get it made from Red Apricorns.é_Ball#Level_Ball
It could be a Pokeball that GameFreak just sprited without thinking about how it doesn't really resemble any other Pokeball.
then. i'm. just. stupid.
It looks kind of purple to me, so it might be a Master Ball? Wait... Why does she have one?!
it's not purple, (to me) it looks yellow/orange

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From what I can tell, it is an Ultra ball

Look at it. It is grey and Yellow, and the markings are even slightly shaped like that of an ultra ball.


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