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If you've been hanging with me several times in chat, you might know that Norman is shredding me like a hot knife through butter. Taking some advice from a guy in chat (think it was Sapphire Diancie, thanks for that anyways) I'm currently levelling my pokes up to level 32 all with moves like dig so when Norman's two Slakings are slacking off, I attack, they attack, miss, attack.

Currently I'm grinding Ace, my Swellow. Just because extra money, I buy a luck incense for her. In a double battle I accidentally got Cozplay, my Pikachu to use Electro Ball on Ace instead of a Plusle.
Ace dies.
So I go grind my other pokes until I get to Mauville, where I heal up and realise her Luck Incense is gone. What happened to it?

Wild pokemon like Linoone and Zigzagoon may have Covet as an Egg Move, Covet steals your item but I'm pretty sure you get it back after the battle
I only fought trainers and no wild Pokemon. She fainted when fighting Amy and Liv.
Did you actually put on the luck incense or is it in your bag?
No, when a wild Pokemon uses covet and the battle ends before you get your item back, it's gone forever.

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Your Luck Incense has to be somewhere, items can't just disappear like that.
I suggest that you check your Swellow for the Luck Incense, just to be sure you weren't imagining the Luck Incense being gone.
If your Luck Incense isn't on your Swellow, check the other Pokemon in your party, you might have accidentally given it to one of them.
If you still can't find it, check your bag, you might have though you gave your Luck Incense to Swellow, but it's possible that you didn't.
If you're still having trouble finding your Luck Incense, check the Pokemon in your PC, you may have accidentally given it to one of them instead of Swellow.

Those are pretty much the only places your Luck Incense could be, if it's still in your game. However, if you don't find it, you can get another one at the Slateport Market.

Hope I helped!

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