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my team consist of:
slyveon, aegislash, suicune, zoroark, charizard y, and noivern. All breed for competitive use and caught for competitive use for suicune. Is there anyway of improving or changing pokes for other pokes to make a better team for my zoroark?
bold slyveon: evs on full hp, 130 on sp.a and rest on def (wish, calm mind, hyper voice, heal bell), @lefties

adamant aegislash: evs on hp and attack. rest on def (shadow sneak, sacred sword, king's shield, swords dance) @metronome

bold suicune: evs on hp and def, rest on sp.def (scald/hydro pump, ice beam, calm mind, toxic ) @lefties

timid zoroark: evs on speed and sp.a, rest on def (flamethrower, night daze, shadow ball, focus miss) @black glasses/ choice scarf/lens

Charizard y: evs on speed and sp.a. rest on sp.def (solar beam, flamethrower, fireblast, dragon pulse)

Noviern: Boom burst, hurricane, flamethrower, draco meteor
@silk scarf (to boost boom burst)
i would really appreciate any advice about edits I could make to this team or even switching out pokes for my team. Plus I realize I need a physical poke, so I'm breeding garchomps and I already have a tyranitar too. If there is a better physical attacker I could add for this team, what poke would it be? and which poke should I switch it out too? I'm thinking of breeding another zoroark for my team but adamant (so I have two zoroarks :P). thanks :) as you can tell I heart zoroarks :)

this team is for singles, I have a whole different team for doubles. also I tried posting this on rate my team but I guess I have something wrong I'm doing because it got deleted

If this was removed,you don't just ask it again
I'm just saying that if this was removed before you shouldn't ask it again because I recall this being up yesterday with a comment of mine on it. You don't need to be rude about it...
I really didn't mean to annoy you or be rude or anything
its alright, i wasn't in a good mood so  i apolize. also, im the one who deleted this question so i could ask in the rate my team. it wasnt removed
I didn't know. I'm sorry as well. All is forgiven~
I would suggest a pokemon weak to psychic attacks, then zoroark can disguise as it take no damage from the psychic attack. also, i suggest nasty plot on zoroark
which poke do you reccomend for my team?

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I like Conkeldurr, and recommend him using this set:
Conkeldurr @ Assault Vest
Ability: Sheer Force
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Drain Punch/Mach Punch
- Ice Punch
- Poison Jab
- Knock Off

Machamp is ok aswell, specially with the No Guard Dynamic Punch.
I would remove aegislash to replace it with one of the two I just mentioned. Hope I helped, and good luck with this team! =D

he asked for an item on zoroark not on conk
@2w22 nju67 mu72
what i was asking was how to improve my team, espically zoroark. sorry if i wasnt clear enough, tho conk is weak against fairies, so is zoroark