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I caught a Zigzagoon and was wondering whether I shoulld train it. I was thinking it would be like this

[email protected] Scarf
Ability: Pickup
Nature: Adamant (+Atk -SpA)
Cut (HM move of course)
Extreme Speed (STAB and Silk Scarf)
Body Slam (STAB and Silk Scarf)
Rock Smash (HM move of course)

Should I try to train it like this or is there no point whatsoever. Give reasons for why or why not. Thanks


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You can try this set:

Linoone @Sitrus Berry
Trait: Gluttony
Adamant Nature
Evs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 Hp
-Belly Drum
-Shadow Claw
-Play Rough

If you don't have E-Speed on Linoone, you can try this set

Linoone @Toxic Orb
Trait: Quick Feet
Adamant Nature
Evs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 Spe
-Shadow Claw
-Play Rough

Hope I helped!

It works better with seed bomb than play rough. Play rough has no coverage on Linoone and can sometimes miss.
Play Rough covers Fighting-stypes and Dark-types
And Shadow Claw is to cover the ghosts that linoone can't hit with E-Speed and Facade
But after Linoone uses belly drum, it can OHKO almost any fighting type with extreme speed. It only needs coverage moves that cover types that extreme speed is not very effective against.
Here's what the type coverage checker has to say:

- Not very effective: 0
- Neutral effectiveness: 561
- Super effective: 239

- Not very effective: 2
- Neutral effectiveness: 524
- Super effective: 274

With Seed Bomb, you trade a few supereffective targets for being resisted by Bisharp. With Play Rough, you get more neutral targets and slightly more power. It's about even I'd say.
I'd rather have it not be super effective against one Pokemon than miss some of the time, but that's just my opinion.