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Hi guys I'm new to Pokemon franchise and was wondering how do you get hjk for blaziken?

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Thank you guys

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As you didn't specify, I'm assuming you meant in the 6th generation (OR/AS).

As you can see in the link below, it's stated that Blaziken learns High Jump Kick at level one.
Although you get a Blaziken at level 36.

So what do you do?

You grab a Heart Scale and go to the Move Relearner, it should teach your Blaziken the move you want.

Here are the Location of the Move Reminder and Blaziken's moves.

Hope this helped!

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In order to get High Jump Kick on a Blaziken, you must have a heart scale and go to the move relearner. If you give him a heart scale, he will be able to teach your Blaziken High Jump Kick.

NOTE: This is only true from Black and White onwards. Blaziken cannot learn the move in earlier generations.