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I've seen people talk about it, and it seems important. How does it work? What is the magic speed for OU?

No one I talked to in OU room seemed to know anything. Strange.
It sounds like it has to do with speed tiers, but I'm not entirely sure. If you're unsure what speed tiers are, this (outdated) thread should help make it clear. http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/oras-ou-speed-tiers.3527024/
Based on that, it would make sense that "magic speed" would refer to a good speed tier, though I've never heard the term used. Very ambiguous.
It sounds like the "magic speed" is a term used for a Speed stat that barely passes that of a key threat. It's just my guess.

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Hey, turns out I was right in my comment, more or less!

>This guide has been created as a resource to help battlers understand the many magic numbers that define the game ~ Smogon

A magic speed number (or magic stat) is a number that is an important benchmark for a Pokémon to hit. For example, a Pokémon with a Speed stat of 198 will outspeed positive-natured base 130s after 2 boosts (e.g. Agility). This is important if you want to outspend something like Gengar.

TL;DR – A "magic stat" is a stat number that allows a Pokémon to reach a specific benchmark.

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I speed creep graninja all the time
Interestingly, I've been using the concept of magic speed for a long time without realizing it.
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It's the concept of boosting your speed through either a speed boosting move, such as agility, or a ability that boosts your speed, such as speed boost, and using this to out speed key threats in a specific teir