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I chose cyndaquil when you get to choose a gen 2 starter . But now I have a typhlosion and it IS NOT sweeping the way I want it to be. Sigh, chikorita was what I really wanted because I like Meganium . But I already have a grass type ( ivysaur ) so I chose cyndaquil . Plus In my Pokemon X game I was getting a fire team . With some only knowing stall moves and fire type moves without them being fire type.I was trading some of them to ORAS . But errr... I want chikorita so badly... There just has to be another way!

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I have a shiny chikorita for trade. Would you like to have it @skittymew? I have no use for it. Do you care if it is nicknamed or not?

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Sorry, but there is not another to get Chicorita in ORAS unless you trade with somebody who has one or transferring from an older game.

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damn i got ninjad
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Nope, since you chose Cyndaquil the only way to get Chikorita is by asking somebody for one or trying out WT.


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There are 4 ways if you have a sibling with Chikorita.Without 3
You might not want to do this one though restart your game go to that point and select Chikorita.
Go on wonder trade and try your luck. I got many starters there.
Try GTS many people ask for strong Pokemon though.You could still get one there.
Hopefully you have a sibling which you could trade with.
Good luck getting your chikorita. Oh yeah you could also trade with friends,acquaintances,or passersbys which makes it 4/5.
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