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I have not yet been on victory road or beat the elite four. I have access to all spots up to victory road, but I am too weak to last more than one battle. I need to level up my Pokemon team fast and safe. The average level of my Pokemon is 37. where can I get lots of experience points fast?

Use qr codes for "blissey bases"

A quick Google search will yield dozens. All of them are rigged for free kill blissey's. I can level up a team of 6 to lv 100 in about an hour.
Wait, do you mean classic sapphire or did you mean alpha sapphire?
Gtfo of my posts, fresh. QR code blissey bases are not cheats. They are useful features that Nintendo put into the game knowing people would use them.  Seriously, what is your problem?
In that case my mistake, re-answer the question. I apologise. But don't treat me like that please.
hacking rare candies, of course.
classic saphire. and i have nothing but the game boy advance sp. no action replay or anything. i have no access to qr codes and im not sure you can even do that on a game boy advance sp. btw i am like 19 years old and i believe you can never get too old for pokemon.

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I highly suggest grinding on Victory Road. I assume you have no access to Lucky Eggs, so you are in for a long haul.

It will take about 45 minutes to get a Pokemon from LV 40 to LV 60.

Sorry for the delayed re-response. I had to test out a few areas.

Once you get to level 55 or so, however, you can simply invest all of your money into Full Restores and Revives. then, simply grind on the Elite 4 until you die (don't use the items you bought. You only bought those so you do not lose money when you die).

This method will get your Pokemon to level 60 from 40 in about 20 minutes (each).

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it sucked and it was hard but you were right. thank you. I "grinded on" and got through. My pokemon level average is 45 now.