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Spinda @ Focus Sash
Nature: Adamant
EV: 252atk / 252spe / 4hp
Ability: Contrary



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Okay. Editing my answer.

Fully reviewing Spinda and Smeargle and creating a spreadsheet, I have come up with the following.

Your last move slot should be Drain Punch.
Drop Protect for Sucker Punch.
A low investment in HP is great. Drain Punch will be healing Spinda every turn after a successful set up.
The weakness I see comes on turns one and two. You might actually suffer a bit if your opponent uses Super Speedy Pokemon/Scarf users that can ram through your readable tactic.

You can secure a sweep by Turn 3 at best.

Not knowing what your team mates are, I can't see much else to do here. Beware of double Kick Blazikens that people seem to like to counter Sturdy Stealth Rockers with these last 5 weeks. That will take you out in one turn.

What is Smeargle's item?

Oh! What about using this set in Doubles with Mat Block Choice Scarf Greninja? That will allow a free Set up turn.

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Spinda uses Assist to get V-Create from Smeargle (the team is designed so that only V-Create can be picked), then proceeds to get massive Speed, Defence and Sp. Defence boosts from Contrary. That's why Smeargle's there. This set is likely for Singles, hence why it has Wish-Protect.
Sigh. .. but that moveset is illegal. It literally has no use from contrary without superpower, and you can't use any egg moves with super power, so. .. wish isf useless. Maybe  skill swap.

Didn't see your comment. I thought he meant trying to breed it into spinda. So he's trying to use only these two Pokemon on the team? That's risky.
I think V-Create Smeargle is legal on Smogon.
The team has all six Pokémon, but the rest know moves that Assist can't select. It' gimmicky at best.
It worked here.
sorry internet problem and thanks