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I tried breeding a female Spinda and male Hitmonchan with Thunder punch, Fire punch, and Ice Punch. When the egg hatches, the Spinda doesn't have any of the moves that I wanted it to learn. I thought Spinda could learn these moves because it can learn these moves via move tutor. Are move tutor moves not possible to be passed down? Thanks.

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Spinda can learn the elemental punches only via a move tutor but many others can learn it via breeding. For eg when Magmar is breeded with Hitmonchan it can learn Punches

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Spinda can only learn moves that are it's 'Egg Moves'. Spinda has various Egg Moves, but the three Punch moves you want to teach your Spinda cannot be learned via Egg Moves as it is not one of Spinda's Egg Moves, or one the moves it learns via other methods.

Also, a little advice - The Pokemon that knows the Egg Moves you want to pass down must be a male, and the Pokemon you want to be in the Egg must be the mother. You can also use any gender Pokemon with the applicable moves bred with a Ditto. The Pokemon that's not Ditto may be any gender.

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No, the pokemon with the moves must be the father and the pokemon species you want in the egg must be the mother :)
So, unless the tutor move is an egg move, you can't pass it down? What a downer.