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On the website where you can go and look at all expansions, the oldest expansion they have is from the EX series they don't have anything from Base Set to Neo in their card database.
I have a theory for why it's like that but I want a solid answer.

it doesn't go below the R/S series. which happens to be when WOTC stopped producing the TCG. is that your theory?
Yeah, it's because the base set and stuff wasn't produced by TPCi so that is maybe why... idk

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Wizards of the coast handled the Pokemon TCG before then.

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That doesn't explain anything. In their 20th anniversary timeline they mention the older sets why not on the main site?
You do know about the Retcon, right? Where all the sets from WOTC were officially declared unplayable? Unofficial? there was major backlash as almost all the cards from that time period lost value. Base Set Charizard First Edition dropped to 75$ from 210$ average.

It absolutely does explain why.
The Lawsuit in 2003 where Wizards of the Coast Sued Nintendo with the claim that Nintendo stole insider secrets played a huge part in it. They settled outside of court, and part of that settlement clearly involved creative usage rights.
If that's the case then include that information in the answer then. Include the detail in the actual answers.