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It depends on Gender not IVs.
I have both male and female Dustox.
Go here https://pokemondb.net/mechanics/hidden and read the whole thing.
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Wurmples evolution depends on its personality value (which are never seen in-game normally), not IV's

Generations III and IV: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
Generation V: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000

Wurmple's evolution is determined by the lower half of its personality value in Generations III and IV or the upper half in Generation V (in bold), referred to here as pw. Mathematically, pw can be derived by calculating p % 65536 for Generations III and IV or p / 65536 (rounded down) for Generation V.

If the result of pw % 10 is less than 5, Wurmple will evolve into Silcoon. If it is greater than or equal to 5, Wurmple will evolve into Cascoon

Source: Bulbapedia

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Darn. I keep getting the two confused.
Okay, so this means that a Wurmple will never evolve into the other Evolution and is guaranteed to evolve into Silcoon/Cascoon only? Then how come when I go to the Wurmple Pokedex on this site, and scroll down to Evolutions, it says: "(Level 7, random based on personality)" Okay, so what is with the random? According to this logic it is not random at all. It makes it sound like it is random or random but there is a much higher chance to evolve into Silcoon/Cascoon, sort of like Starters, having a higher chance of being Male, but still possible to be Female.
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Wurmple's evolution is not based on IVs, but instead an obscure mechanic called personality values. Personality values are 32-bit integers the game generates for Pokemon each time they are encountered. The rest is just a bunch of math.

Personality values are responsible for determining a number of things, including natures, genders, abilities and more. It is also responsible for Wurmple's evolution. It does this in different ways in each generation, so I'll assume you'll want the most up-to-date information from gen 6. In that case, the game will take the first two bytes of Wurmple's personality values (16 bits) and divides its decimal value by 10. The game will then calculate the remainder from the calculation; if this is less than 5, Wurmple will evolve into Silcoon. If it is equal to or greater than 5, it will evolve into Cascoon.

We can apply this to a real situation. For example, if a Wurmple had this set of personality values:

11001010 10001100 10100011 01010010

We'd take the first two bytes, indicated in bold, and divide their decimal value by 10. The decimal value, 51,852, has a remainder of 2 when divided by 10, therefore this particular Wurmple will evolve into Silcoon.

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