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(It may not matter, but this is in Omega Ruby) I recently got a Slakoth, then went to this website to see it and it's evolution's stats to see if it is worth training, and after seeing both Vigoroth's and especially Slaking's stats, I knew it was worth training one.
My Slakoth just evolved, and my Vigoroth is very powerful, so I was wondering if I should continue to train and evolve him into slaking. I really want to because of Slaking's godly stats, but I don't want to because Vigoroth has a pretty good ability, and Slaking's ability is Truant, which can easily be a reason to not evolve. Please help me, I'm torn! Both are really good. Should I go with the decent statted, good abilitied Vigoroth, or go with the godly statted, only able to attack every-other-turn Slaking?

Teach Slaking Giga Impact

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Slaking is not only over powered, but he is given high Hp to composite for is ability even more. if you teach him moves like Giga Impact, Hammer arm, and use the in game switch mechanic to pull him out after a ko he is way better then vigoroth.

source, I trained a slaking myself,

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Thanks! I'm surprised it was answered so quickly.
I had the same problem, but in game his ability means nothing if you can OHKO