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He take too long to learn phisical water moves and his Special atack is smal.
When I find mine in HS/SS and other versions, the first ones is aways at level 15 to 17, I tried to use him with special moves, but it was taking too much time to defeat the enemy of the same level as him.
I am the type of guy who likes one hit kill, fast kills.

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Yeah, it's really hard.

For one, Krabby has got a really poor Special Attack stat (50, which remains 50 when it evolves by the way). So special attacks coming from this thing do really cute damage.

On the other hand, Krabby has a really good starting Attack stat of 105, which becomes a beastly 130 upon evolution.
But. Krabby does not learn any good physical STAB moves until Level 41 (Crab Hammer). It doesn't even learn Waterfall, which is a huge shame. So it's Attack stat is never fully utilized until you are near the end of the game, which is already too late.

So in the end, I recommend you go for something else on your team. Physically Gyarados, Poliwrath and Feraligatr are nice; and Specially just about any other Water type is better (best might be Suicune and Slowbro).

Hope I helped!

Had it learned Waterfall I might have legit recommended it for later gameplay ;-;
GF, I want a mega for this.
Krabby on third generation games then, where water moves are aways especial, is not worthy?
I'd say no; theres far better water type pokemon that can do everything Kingler can, if not better