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I mean, it's only 70 Power, and yes, it has a 50% chance to lower the foe's sp. defence, but that's still not very good. Giga Drain would be a better attack. It does more damage and actually heals your Pokemon, and it has 10 PP. Why does Mist Ball and Luster Purge only have 5 PP?

Giga Drain is weaker.
Magic, it actually isn't. Luster/Mist both have a power of 70, while Giga Drain has a power of 75.

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It's probably because Luster Purge and Mist Ball are the signature moves of Latios and Latias.
Latios and Latias are also legendary Pokemon, making them seem very powerful, if a move has low PP and low accuracy, it's either powerful or trying to seem powerful. Most legendary Pokemon signature moves have low PP, (Five-Ten from what I've found) unlike some signature moves of Pokemon that aren't legendary.

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They're signature moves

Only Latias can learn Mist Ball, and only Latios can learn Luster Purge. Thusly, they have low PP. Also, I'm pretty sure they're the only moves to have a 50% chance of lowering an opponents Sp. Def., so that might play into it.