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So I'm doing the battle masion and I'm running mega Charizard Y as my lead sweeper.
Its current moveset is:
Solar beam
Dragon pulse
Will-o-wisp (this one i'm uncertain about)

moves I'm considering switching will-o-wisp out for:
Air slash
Focus blast

my other two members are...
Dragonite with assault vest
Extreme Speed
Fly (could use some input on this one as well)

and Aegislash with leftovers
King's shield (obviously)
Swords dance
Iron head
Sacred sword

Any input is appreciated :)

So which would get me the most sustain - protect, roost, or substitute?
If you teach aegislash iron defense than you can stall out until the opponent does more damage to themselves from struggle

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Get rid of dragon pulse and teach it air slash and focus blast for more coverage. As for Dragonite, replace fly with dragon dance.

Dragon dance could be nice but I like having a bit more bulk with the assault vest, and without Fly I'm only really getting ground and dragon super effective coverage (which the only thing dragon is good against is dragon lol, which is why I let charizard deal with that so dragonite doesn't have to be at risk)
Personally, I like to use roost over dragon pulse and keep solar beam and focus blast. As for D-nite, both sets have their places imo.
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Mega Charizard- Y
Solar Beam
Focus Blast
Hidden Power Ice/Ancient Power/Overheat

HP Ice and Ancient Power both give good coverage, and Overheat is a great nuke move. As for Dragonite, you can replace Fly with Dragon Dance and give it Lum Berry to hold. Or you can keep the Vest and give it Fire Punch. A physical Aegislash with both King's Shield and Sword Dance is interesting, since usually pick one or the other. I just think you'd rather have Shadow Sneak than Iron Head, since Sacred Sword and Shadow Sneak complement each other so well.

Yeah, I used to have shadow claw on my aegislash but I kept getting fucked up when I would have to change to blade form since I didn't have any status moves to stay in shield form, and with both kings shield and swords dance I can pretty much go to +6 attack with no problem at all as long as I'm not getting hit with an earthquake or fire type move
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Get rid of Solar Beam and teach it Air slash
And instead of will o wisp teach it Focus blast

And for Dragonite , dont replace the moves

And for Aegsilash you can remove swords dance and teach it some attacking move.You should also remove kings shield as aegsilash's defence is very low

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First of all get rid of solarbeam and teach it, Earthquake.

And get rid of fly on dragonite and teach it hurricane, learns it at lv 90 I believe.

But Charizard can use solar beam to cover water and rock.
Yeah my logic was solar beam would take advantage of the drought and cover the only weaknesses that flamethrower would have (besides dragon, which dragon pulse covers where both flamethrower and solar beam would be not very effective). Since flamethrower has stab and drought it pretty much gets me neutral 1HKOs most of the time so I'm mostly just looking for status move for charizard to keep him for dying from every super effective hit. Also my dragonite is completely physical and Fly has 90 base power with 95 accuracy so I see that as a lot better than hurricane tbh.