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So I had Pokemon Y since the release and I updated it but recently I wasn't able to. I'm not sure if it's a problem with my internet connection or my E-shop but whenever I try to launch Pokemon Y and press Complete Update Now it shows Error Code 022-2634. Please help?


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>According to Nintendo's Error Code search, the 022-2634 error code means that the "3DS is unable to connect to an Access Point"

Error code 022-2634, as said above, mean that you are not connected to the Internet because the 3DS cannot find an access point. If you are near your Internet source and you still can't update, make sure that your 3DS' s wireless switch is on.

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I've tried this multiple times and everything else like the Internet Browser works just fine
Does it have anything to do with internet parental controls?
It has nothing to do with parental controls
What about how much storage is left?
If its not that, I'm not sure
I have 30,304 open blocks