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I'm being curious here. What would the effective Attack stat be of a Mega Mewtwo X which is level 100 with 31 IVs in Attack, 252 EVs in Attack, and an Adamant nature, has HUGE POWER, has a +6 (x4) Attack stat modifier, and is holding a Choice Band? No technical use here. Being curious.



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Here we go, into the mystical land of Mathemagic. Sorry if I goof up at all, let me know and I'll fix it ^.^

The Attack of a Lv 100 Mega Mewtwo X, with 31 IVs, 252 EVs, and an Adamant Nature is 526.

Now, add the Huge Power boost.

526 x 2 = 1052

Next, multiply by 4 for the +6 boost.

1052 x 4 = 4208

Finally, add the Choice Band.

4208 x 1.5 = 6312

Therefore, a Mega Mewtwo X with the specified parameters would have a theoretical Attack stat of a whopping


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I'd like to see something that can tank that
Sturdy. Easy.
An attack stat of 6312... with an extra 1.5x damage from a critical hit... IT'S OVER 9000!
Mother of… it is too.