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This would be the main Pokemon of the champion, E4, gym leaders, rivals, antagonists and any other main characters from the Sinnoh region.

The reason I need to know, is because everyone is theorising that mega Johto starters will be in Sun & Moon, as Kanto and Hoenn starters have megas, Unova and Kalos starters are too new to get megas, and Sinnoh starters will probably get megas in Sinnoh remakes.

Sinnoh remakes haven't been confirmed, but everyone seems to think that they will be coming out in the near future.

Using the same method of elimination, I want to see what other Pokemon would most probably get megas in Sinnoh remakes, and not Sun & Moon, by looking at signature Pokemon of Sinnoh characters.

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In my opinion, the two Sinnoh Pokemon most deserving of megas are Beautifly and Dustox.
Nah, Butterfree and Venomoth imo.
I said SINNOH Pokemon. Besides, Venomoth isn't actually that bad. Its BST is considerably higher than the other three, and it gets quiver dance, reliable STABs for both types, and roost.
My bad, I thought you were joking because Beautifly and Dustox are HOENN Pokémon!
In case you didn't know, I think a Pokemon belongs to a particular region if it's on the local Pokedex on the first game to feature that region. Thus, Dustox is a Sinnoh Pokemon, but not Heatran.
Okay, sorry, just trying to make a joke. You do you.

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Platinum trivia for the win! Anyway...
(If there are two, the one before the slash is DP, and the other one is Pt)
Barry: whatever starter whose type is good against yours
Roark: Rampardos
Mars: Purugly
Cheryl: Blissey
Gardenia: Roserade
Jupiter: Skuntank
Mira: Alakazam
Fantina: Mismagius
Maylene: Lucario
Crasher Wake: Floatzel
Cyrus: Weavile/Honchkrow (first two battles) or Weavile (last battle)
Riley: Lucario
Byron: Bastiodon
Saturn: Toxicroak
Candice: Abomasnow/Froslass
Volkner: Luxray/Electivire
Aaron: Drapion
Bertha: Hippowdon/Rhyperior
Flint: Infernape/Magmortar
Lucian: Bronzong/Gallade
Cynthia: Garchomp
Marley: Arcanine
Buck: Claydol

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And... i guess looker would be croagunk?
But he doesn't battle.
yeah... first time for everything.