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In my Pokemon Diamond game, I want these Pokemon:





However, I don't know if:

They are obtainable before you beat the elite 4

If you can catch them in either Platinum, Pearl, and Diamond.

If you need to use a Pokeradar, Super Rod, that stuff.

If you can, please answer all of those questions, thanks!


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Larvitar-- Found on Route 207 via PokeRadar, only in Diamond and Platinum, post elite four (because of PokeRadar)
Dratini-- Found at Mt. Coronet (4F) in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum via Super Rod, pre E4.
Bagon-- Found on Route 210 via PokeRadar, only in Pearl and Platinum, post E4 (because of PokeRadar)
Gligar-- Found at Routes 206, 207, 214, 215, 227, and Stark Mountain via dual-slotted mode with Emerald in Diamond and Pearl, Route 206 normally in Platinum.

I didn't include these Pokemons evolved forms, since I figured you could evolve them to obtain them, but if you want, I can list them.

Hope I helped!

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Larvitar is obtainable on Route 207 while using the Pokeradar. You can only find it after beating the Elite four.
Dratini/Dragonair is obtainable on the 4th Floor of Mt. Coronet. You need to find a Waterfall there and fish for it.
Unfortunately, you can't find the Bagon line in Diamond. It is exclusive to Pearl.
Gligar is found on the following Routes: 206, 207, 214, 215, and 227, and you have to have Emerald inserted.

Sources: Various places on the internet, mainly YouTube, Azurilland, and GameFaqs.
I hope this helps!

I would like to note that you need to use the Super Rod to catch Dratini and Dragonair.
Oh, right. I read that on one of the places, but I forgot to add it in.