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I heard that extremespeed goes before items. Is this true? If so, do any other moves go before items? I would test it out in my own games but I'm too busy/lazy.

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If this did work, what would happen to the item?
Actually, since Pursuit's priority requires the opponent to switch out, it will not go before items. As such, no move can go before items.

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Did you mean, if your opponent low on hp and want to use an item like full restore, they will fainted because extremespeed always move first and your opponent couldn't use the item? I don't know if it's true but I think, item always move first even extremespeed is a fastest move which always strike first. But, I don't really sure about my answer... 10 mount ago, I played sapphire and battling with rayquaza. When my blaziken low on hp, I used soda pop first, after that extremespeed strike me second!

Items have a + 6 priority so since the highest priority(+2) items go first.
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Well, Considering this Question was brought back up, I'll answer it with the correct answer.

No, Extreme Speed would not go first, because it only has a priority level of + 2

Using Items have a priority of + 6, so Items would go first,

Main Points here,
- Extreme Speed would not go before Items due to having a lower priority level

  • Items have a priority level of + 6 and Extreme Speed has a priority level of + 2