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For Gen 5??For Causal! Gameplay I Have Picked Oshawott And Beaten The 1st Gym Leader!Is It A Waste Of A Pokemon For Your Team Or Is It Usefull

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They are support at best.
Life Orb Hydro Pump hits hard from Simipour
Competitive or casual? In-game Simisage and Simipour are decent, but from my experience Simisear is bad.
In your case you would have received Pansear? They're really just for type covereage. It could be useful later as Gym 3 is a bug type and Gym 7 is Ice. The elemental monkeys are about as useful as your actual starter
based on what you have can I suggest you pick up a Sewaddle from Pinwheel forest to cover Clay (Gym 4). You may need Leavanny for Krokorok and Palpitoad

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If you just mean in-game, you actually get the one that is strong against the Striaton Gym. You always have to face the Gym leader you are weak against (if you chose Snivy you'll have to face Chili, so you'll get Panpour. If you chose Oshawott you'll have to face Cilan, so you'll get Pansear. If you chose Tepig you'll have to face Cress, so you'll get Pansage). This is to give you a chance against the first gym.

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In a highly questionable move, GameFreak decided to try to force players to use Pokémon OTHER than just their starter to win gym badges. Team diversification by force, hoping players would utilise the benefit of an evenly trained team covering all possible weaknesses, rather than the cliché overlevelled Charizard with a Rattata meat shield. Unless you're a fan of the monkeys, or happened to receive Panpour (potential surfer), or you happen to be nuzlocking, you may as well take the monkey to the nearest PC and let it roam free forever.
agreed. In my personal opinion, I think the entire set of gen V was 'highly questionable'.
Except Haxorus, Amoonguss, Bisharp, Mienshao, Braviary, Conkeldurr, Bouffalant, Durant, Chandelure, Hydreigon... there are some really good Pokémon in Gen 5 both competitively and for general gameplay. The monkeys are just really, really average in my opinion; not complete Trubbish, just average.
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They're representative for their gen being counterparts. Like Magmar and Electabuzz or the elemental foxes Flareon,Vaporeon and Jolteon for gen 1 ,Umbreon and Espeon for gen 2 etc.

This doesn't really answer the question. It gives a perspective on what their purpose is, but not how they can be used as the question asks.